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Consumer Alert - Buyer Beware

It has come to our attention that certain individuals are posing as Duct Cleaning Services on several towns Buy / Sell pages. They are in No way “affiliated” with Lethbridge Duct Cleaning and are not previous employees of Lethbridge Duct Cleaning. We Advertise as Lethbridge Duct Cleaning and not as an Individual person’s name.

Lethbridge Duct Cleaning is: • A Registered Company in Alberta • Is Commercial & Liability Insured • WCB Insured • COR Safety Certified • Bonded • GST Registered • Maintains Business Licences in Towns/Cities we service. • Advertise as our Business name on Facebook • Advertise as our Business name on Google. • Advertise on our Own Web Page. • Employees have Logo’d LDC Uniforms • Work Vans / Duct Trucks have LDC Logos and Branding • Can be reached at a Listed Business Telephone number • Can be reached through our Contact Us section of our Webpage • Have a Physical Business Address / Location

Lethbridge Duct Cleaning would NEVER ask a customer to PM (private message) to book an appointment for service.

Buyer beware. How would you contact these individuals if something went wrong in your home. Ask: Where is your recourse? Are they Licensed and Insured?

“They both do the same thing…but one does it better” – Lethbridge Duct Cleaning


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